Member Highlight — GirlKind Kenya

2 min readNov 8, 2022

Learn about the anti-FGM (female genital mutilation) center that GirlKind Kenya has set up for survivors and those that are at risk.

Tell us about you/your organization.
GirlKind Kenya is a community based organization operating in Kenya for the last three years. Among other activities, GirlKind Kenya is a leading partner in the fight against female genital mutilation. The organization is located in Garissa County, an area where FGM is a common practice. Girls are subjected to various harmful cultural practices such as FGM and forced marriages. As a result, GirlKind Kenya has set up an anti-FGM center for survivors and would-be survivors of FGM that currently hosts 26 beneficiaries.

How is your organization working to end female genital mutilation?
GirlKind Kenya is committed in the fight against FGM. They have established a wide network internationally in their efforts to bring an end this practice. At the local level, they have set up an anti-FGM centre where victims of FGM undergo vocational training and are again used to sensitize local communities on the dangers of FGM. They also have a strong online presence globally on social media that is used to influence masses through their posts on the need to Say No to FGM by all means.

What are the challenges and opportunities in trying to end female genital mutilation?
The major challenge faced in the fight against FGM is culture as some communities are extremists in cultural conservation and do not want to stop practicing FGM. This is aided by ignorance and high levels of illiteracy.

How is the network helping you to achieve these goals and why is it important to be in the network?
The network has been instrument to the organization through sharing of experiences, resource sourcing and networking in the fight against FGM.

We can end female genital mutilation in the United States because there is a well-coordinated network in the USA that is very active and focused in the
fight against FGM. Further, literacy levels in the USA are high.

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